This example shows the usage of *MAT_157, which is an orthotropic material model with plasticity and strain rate dependence. Using such a model the test results in longitudinal as well as in perpendicular direction of the fiber orientation can be reproduced very well.

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Experimentelle und numerische Untersuchung eines kurzglasfaserverstärkten Kunststoffes
R. Jennrich, M. Roth, Prof. S. Kolling (Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen), C. Liebold (DYNAmore GmbH), G. Weber (Celanese GmbH) - 13. LS-DYNA Forum 2014, Bamberg

Short and long fiber reinforced thermoplastics material models in LS-DYNA
P. Reithofer, B. Jilka (4a engineering GmbH), S. Hartmann, T. Erhart, A. Haufe (DYNAmore GmbH) - 13. LS-DYNA Forum 2014, Bamberg