The official 4a impetus software 3.4 is now released.



The actual 4a impetus software 3.4b is now available as a beta-version for testing.

There are many new features like

  • a token concept for licensing: all the software products 4a impetus, 4a fibermap (link), 4a micromec (link) and their modules are now accessible by using this token concept
  • AUTOFIT function: standard material cards can be generated automatically
  • 4a micromec is now implemented as library in 4a impetus – elastic material properties (for non-isotropic material models) can be automatically calculated based on a micromechanical approach (mean-field-theory of Mori-Tanaka)
  • many further material cards are included, also for composites
  • further failure models are implemented
  • new and easy selection of the correct material card
  • the windows resp. tabs in 4a impetus can be moved and reordered for your personal setup

Also there are new hardware features available like

  • a new pendulum arm that suits for 50 J
  • a new puncture test (link)

Download a more detailed presentation here.



The 4a impetus software 3.3b is now available. This is a beta-version for testing. There are many new features like

  • the possibility to create a report automatically
  • the usage of a template database
  • the generation of a material card using a material card template where you can implement values from the data base automatically (e.g. customer, project name, temperature, maximum strain rate, …)
  • further material models for metals

The templates and descriptions can be downloaded at the 4a explorer.


The new 4a impetus pendulum was presented at the European LS-Dyna Conference in Würzburg. 4a impetus was completely redesigned and now allows impact energies up to 50 Joule. The testing area where the support is located is now larger and accessible from front as well as behind, so handling is now easier. Also there is more place for special component tests. The support was also redesigned and has now the shape analogous to the Charpy test. The distance of the support can be changed very quick and reproducible using 2 screws and 2 fixing pins.