The official Impetus software Valimat 3.4 is now available.

There are many new features like

  • a token concept for licensing: all the software products Valimat, Fibermap (link), Micromec (link) and their modules are now accessible by using this token concept
  • AUTOFIT function: standard material cards can be generated automatically
  • Micromec is now implemented as library in Valimat – elastic material properties (for non-isotropic material models) can be automatically calculated based on a micromechanical approach (mean-field-theory of Mori-Tanaka)
  • many further material cards are included, also for composites
  • further failure models are implemented
  • new and easy selection of the correct material card
  • the windows resp. tabs in Valimat can be moved and reordered for your personal setup

Download a more detailed presentation here.

Valimat 3.4 can be downloaded at the 4a explorer.