Valimat can be run local or in a network cluster and supports at the moment the following FE solvers:

  • LS-Dyna(R)
  • Abaqus(R)
  • PAM-Crash(R)
  • Radioss(R)

For many test methods internal models are available to simulate the measurements stored in the test data base:

  • Free 3-point-bending
  • Clamped 3-point-bending
  • Compression test
  • Puncture test
  • Free bending T-specimen
  • Component test
  • Tensile test
  • Shear Test

The table gives an overview of the available test methods in Impetus.

To speed up simulation symmetries can be considered down to 1-element-tests. Also the model can be idealized in shell (quads) or solid (tet or hexa) with an arbitrary but reasonable element size and with a selection of the most popular element types. The elements can be under or fully integrated elements.

Using the stored geometries of the test specimen and support (radii, support distance) the test set-up can be calculated very accurately.