The 4a impetus software is a software solution from the test to the material card. The essential characteristics are as follows:

  • intuitive GUI
  • test and model database system
  • evaluation and filter possibilities
  • semi automated evaluation for different load cases
  • integrated optimization process (LS-OptTM)
  • integrated interfaces to FE-solvers (AbaqusTM, LS-DYNATM, Pam-CrashTM, RadiossTM)



The GUI is divided into four main areas symbolizing the experimental sequence.

In the first area (above left) all test parameters for the experiment are entered and saved in a data base. In the second area (above right) the experiment is implemented, sensor data are chosen and saved. The zero-point, taring of the signals and the starting speed are determined as basis for the further analysis.

In the third area (below left) different material models are implemented as a starting point for the reverse engineering of the determined test data. Various load cases from the data base can be chosen and combined to create average-valued curves of the different cases. In the forth area (below right) the optimization process (LS-OptTM) can be accessed to determine the final outcome, the validated material cards.

An additional menu on the left margin allows a fast access to the most essential functions for the complete process.

The following table shows the functional range of the 4a impetus software:

  • test plan setting
  • performing measurements (only with 4a impetus hardware)
  • evaluation of the measurements
  • measurement results
  • import of external measurement results
  • model build up
  • material models
  • optimization