4a temperature magazine

For tests at higher or lower temperature than room temperature 4a has developed the 4a temperature magazine. Handling is very easy: Just put in the test specimens, close it and put the 4a temperature magazine into the oven or refrigerator at the desired temperature. After about 4 hours (depending on the temperature) the test specimens have the desired temperature and you can put it to 4a impetus. The test specimens can be pushed out by a piston.

A complete test-setup in Impetus (1 velocity with 5 repetitions) can be performed within 2 minutes; that means a temperature difference between the first and the last test specimen of about 0.6°C.

Technical data:

  • temperature range from -40°C to +90°C
  • storage for 20-25 test specimens (depending on the thickness)
  • length of the test specimens 30 – 120 mm
  • thickness of the test specimens 1 – 4 mm
  • width of the test specimens: 10 or 20 mm


Support for compression test

Besides the bending test also compression tests can be performed using Impetus. For this a flexible adjustable compression test was realized to consider different heights of compression test specimens. The impact angle of the compression fin can be set to 0° (planar).


Additional masses for the single pendulum

Additional masses (between 0.5 and 2 kg) can be mounted at the single pendulum to achieve higher energy inputs.



For the bending test the bending fin has a radius of 2 mm by standard. Various fins with different radii (e.g. 5 mm) or made of other materials than steel are available. Also for the compression test a flat fin is needed.


Support adjustment

For standard support distances plates were developed which allow an exact and easy set-up of the support distance and therefore guarantee an excellent reproducibility of the tests. So the support distances of 30, 40 and 50 mm for a support radius of 2 mm can be adjusted easily and reproducible.


Height adjustment for test specimens

For standard test specimen heights (10 and 20 mm) adjustments are available, which allow an exact and easy set-up and therefore guarantee an excellent reproducibility of the tests.


Test specimen collector basket

In the case of failure or by pulling through of the test specimen the test specimen or parts of it can leave the test area unintentionally. To prevent the test specimens from leaving the swinging area of the pendulum arm a test specimen collector basket made of plastics was developed for the single pendulum.