The novel testing system Impetus enables the automatic mechanical characterization of dynamically loaded test specimens or components. Impetus is the first testing system in the world that constitutes a self-contained process creating validated material cards. In the beginning specimens are cut out from real parts and loaded under realistic conditions. Finally validated material cards are determined using numerical methods. The implemented methods are intelligent analysis of analytical models, numeric FE- Solvers like LS- Dyna(R), as well as optimisation like LS-OPT(R).

10m/s office-desk-solution

Impetus sets new standards in the area of dynamic material characterization. The 4a- inhouse- developed testing system for the characterization of materials, especially plastics, is based on a pendulum working without additional actuation power. All moving parts have been optimized with regard to vibration behavior, mass distribution and stiffness. The testing system can be operated on a common office desk located in the Research & Development department. Using the double pendulum system, it is possible to reach testing speeds up to 10 m/s whereby the system works practically without transferring impulses to the surrounding area. Impetus is a pendulum system featuring a smart security concept and an extremely user friendly approach. The most important feature for the user´s operational safety is the electromagnetic spring-operated disc brake. The brake blocks the arms of the pendulum without the supply of electrical energy. By pushing a button on the pendulum arms they are released and can be moved. After reaching the entered test speed, the arms of the pendulum are automatically stopped in the sufficient height.

Time is money

One of the main trends in Research & Development projects is the sustainable reduction of development time and development costs. Especially in the area of polymer engineering, an ever broadening range of polymer grades and their applications necessitates time-sensitive development processes with fast and flexible access to reliable material data which are essential for virtual simulation processes. For the first time with 4a impetus there is an intelligent, flexible and user- friendly system and method available to shorten development time and to enable cost reduction.