The single pendulum mode is used for the dynamic bending and compression testing of plastics, and is also suitable for the dynamic component testing of plastics components or textile tests. You can achieve velocities in the range of 0.5 up to 4.4 mps and energies up to 50 J. The mass of the pendulum arm can be adapted from 0.5 up to 3 kg by quickly mounting additional masses. Using different velocities and support distances the strain rates can be varied in a wide range. By varying the introduced energy not only the loading but also the unloading case can be investigated. The test procedure is not standardized, but meanwhile they are a well established standard in industry. Of course they are adapted to the requirements for generating material cards.

The test procedure is done within a minute. After the data set is created in Valimat the test specimen is put onto the support, the pendulum is brought into slightly contact with the test specimen. Valimat calculates the correct angle, so you have just to raise the pendulum until it stops automatically. Pushing the start button the pendulum arm is released and the test performed. The measured curves are immediately displayed and can be evaluated by just one-mouse click. The test system guarantees the most reliable test procedure and generates reproducible and accurate results.

The following results can be determined directly:

  • Force: using the pendulum mass and the measured deceleration
  • Displacement: by measured acceleration or rotary angle
  • Velocity: by measured rotary angle
  • Energy: based on the evaluated velocity

Technical Specifications (PDF)